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Hello community,

I have really hard problems to get my feelings somehow on the series. I really am consumed by some girls and SO very much like a relationship, I am now really down because I just can not live without love. I want to be loved and to love, but I want to have a relationship only to a relationship, but I want to finally find a girl and have, who loves me and whom I love, with which I can then be together. And this emotional chaos eats at me. It gnaws at my mood and my self-esteem. I also feel unloved and other circumstances useless and unwanted. How do I get rid of these feelings? How do I manage to live without love? Because the hope of at last 'a' to find I have as good as completely abandoned.

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Hi TheKn0wledge,

unfortunately, your great desire to fulfill the same stand in the way, you paralyze example. That could be the case if you rather inhibited for you auftrittst because of the great importance of this desire and can not really come naturally over.

Therefore: do not drive yourself crazy. You're a valuable person and any woman will feel that way. This can sometimes happen quite unexpectedly, when you least expect it.

Put not under pressure, without coercion you cast probably looser and more sympathetic and it might be that without a print you easier and faster an's "target" come such.

It is also important that you d see myself as a valuable human being, which can then ever have a positive effect on your appearance and also trigger positive reactions in women.

I wish you great success,

greetings, Thomas

Hey, this one is still so fast that dus garnucht believe can :) Imagine what you have now as a single for freedoms to what to do :) Use the weekend with friends, go to exhibitions, your hobbies to, Learn whenever you want it Enjoy as long staying up to watch the series, to do things that only you like alone. A relationship comes soon enough, kozentriere up the school, I suppose you're going there, and shut it off, then you can intensively looking for someone so again, Lg

Hi, I can only agree with the previous speakers.

But what I can tell you as well, is that it also so I feel that I absolutely want a girlfriend. I just feel not capable of living without the love, I want a girlfriend so much. I myself see how bad I feel without relationship and how desperate as that sounds, but it is how it is.

I have not given up hope, but it fluctuates constantly. But I also think that the great love, or at least another great will come. Probably actually when I least expect it. However, it is so incredibly difficult, it's terrible.

But we can do that, I believe it. If one hopes and can distract somehow, then. I'm sure about that. Finally, every person has the right to be happy and so are we.

I wish you all the best and hope you to have helped!

Best regards,


I think that the "great love" just happens when you look for just the least thereafter. Enjoy your single life, go out, have fun, learn new people. "The One" is already come.

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