Contraceptive there except pill and condoms?

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A list of all contraceptive methods, for security, can be found here:

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If you are I would recommend the copper chain something safe without hormones looking.

I forbid now with the copper chain, use it now almost 2 years and am very satisfied. The chain is a new development of conventional spiral and is highly recommended, especially for young girls who want to prevent without hormones.

The chain has many advantages over the spiral - less severe bleeding, fewer side effects, no problems with the fit -> therefore no abdominal and back pain as one often will notice in the spiral. It is particularly suitable for young women (it affects the future fertility do not !!!) I find a long-term method of contraception without hormones is right for me. Works for 5 years, without hormones, Pearl index is 0.1-0.5 thus very safe, and you can not forget them or commit application error. The liner has hurt .... but it's really unbearable .... the whole was after 10 minutes (including ultrasound and preliminary investigation) already over .... and after that I had a little stomach ache .... as in the period also. I find it that you then for 5 years, no more worries with the prevention, because you can sometimes just clench their teeth .... but again: for every woman it seems to be different .... I wanted after that in bed lie and a friend of mine is gone after just shopping;) .... if you fear have great pain, just check with your GyneFix physician, he is able to take appropriate measures.

However, it is crucially important that you go to a special doctor GyneFix !!!!

  1. Vaginal ring: a flexible plastic ring is inserted three weeks into the vagina. In general, this is brought out for a week and then used a new
  2. Hormone implant: the plastic rod is implanted by a doctor in the upper arm.
  3. 3-month injection: is injection into the Popacke
  4. Hormone patches: every week the woman adhered to a Flaster.

Of course there are other contraceptives. For further questions I am at your disposal

I know still Femidoms (function inetwas as condoms)

Some ointments, creams, gels, foam sprays, tablets, suppositories or foam suppository which are intended to prevent sperm fertilize the egg.

Then just still spirals and so a finished product.

But I personally always advise the condom / Femidom, as it not only protects against unwanted pregnancies but also sexually transmitted diseases.

And the Erecutus / Coitus Interruptus even there yet, but it is not recommended, said my father, my great-grandfather and his father have already done so;)

And do not rely on it, that he already dabeihat condoms, always got himself which with: P

The pill and the condom are the safest of all contraceptives.

Among them, there are some like the Diafragmar or the spiral, which are used by a doctor. The contraceptive secretes specific hormones to prevent pregnancy.

rather remains in the pill and the condom ;-)

The Nuvaring, the copper coil or chain, the three-month injection, hormone patches, abstinence, coitus interruptus, NFP, the diaphragm, the female condom, Pray, ..

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