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Is it true that when a dog's temperament test is only required to pay normal tax

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not quite. For an essential test you just when there is the possibility that an attack dog breed with is. he then this is not to be more control paid as fight dogs have to pay a higher tax. Dog tax must always be paid

Tax is always due to the nature test rather decide on NEN muzzle.

That depends on the tax statutes of residence.

In some cities, the higher tax breed Due in some only when dog is classified as dangerous applies. And sometimes you need not pay the higher tax rate if dog essential test NEN or ne BH has gemacvht.

Hiker in Hannover it used to be the essence of the test made sure that you have to pay not € 600 but € 120. Unfortunately abolished nu pay all with listis € 600

No - the essential test often exempt from muzzle and other pads, but does not reduce the tax rate for dogs list

Dogs must never pay taxes, they are neither natural nocht legal persons.

No, that's not true ...

A successfully passed character test does not bring dogs tax reduction ...

When data are collected from your residence for dogs list higher taxes than for non-Listis, then (unfortunately) so ...

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