convince parents? haircolor

Hello :) I would like to like my hair color just because my blond pretty ugly it is becoming darker and do not get nice brown roves: / my father will not dye hair well how can I convince him best? :) I am happy about every answer :) Lg

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You could convince your father yes so that you tell him the dues ausprobierst and look how it looks and if it does not look nice you can even try to recolor again in your old hair color :)

Oda you tell your papa dan dan you're selbet blame if ea not work that you have to live with the hair color dan :)

Tones it yet? This does no harm then the even and washes also back out. So that I could convince my parents ︝

How old are you?

Take your color easy hair. ... Ask anyone stupid you frage.wenn it wilster, then machs

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