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Hello. I am 15 and would like to wish my 16th birthday a tongue piercing. I have made smart already on the Internet and know that actually can be taken or damaged no taste buds, because none of them are in the middle of the tongue. Otherwise, I still have the question of how the risk of inflammation etc are and whether it very sees if you no longer want the tongue piercing. When my brother can still see example very the hole on his lip. And how could I persuade my mother that I may one so? It is something I think never quite negative towards and actually I do not want to wait until the 18 unless there are reasons why something should yet very consider. My father I could help my brother determined to convince more but my parents separated and my brother did not get along with my mom, so I then already must persuade rather alone. Thank you for reading:)

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Taste buds can not be taken by a competent body piercer, because he would have to stand quite wrong. Inflammation are somewhat less common than in other piercings because the oral cavity is cleaned with the help of the saliva itself (rinse after eating mouth with Listerine mouthwash!). Probably your tongue will swell because then helps ice suck (best from chamomile), if you're lucky, however swells not too strongly. Once you rausnimmst the jewelry, you can see the piercing hole and hardly no one will you then as accurately broadcast on the tongue and notice it. Advantages of tongue piercings are the relative low profile (for example, inconspicuous as a lip piercing), any reduction of calculus (tartar sometimes settles to piercing jewelry and not to the teeth), of course, a happy daughter :-) attempt to negotiate and compromise with your mother - she allows you the piercing and you help more at home or improve your grades, etc. Good luck!

Even your parents have full duty to care for you. I would personally risk (which is particularly increased nunmal with piercings on certain body areas) do not want to carry on my shoulders.

I want one too, I must not Aich .. So I wait. I'd say you wait too :)

But you know that one for a piercing no parental permission introduced !? ;-)

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