Cool ideas for dog photos?

Hi, I do in my room ne photo wall and still need a few photos of my dog. I thought about what more extraordinary, since I've already which is where she and sitting and not always the same wanted.
Do you have some ideas? Whether zsm with me or you.
Thanks in advance :)

The best answer

at the same level with the object it looks always great

also looks cool when the dog running towards the camera

LG anti painter

I'll do it anytime again: a great close up of the nose ...

Depending on the camera options you have, it looks really great when you lie down in the snow, the dog lies down with his head in your direction before and you can then take a picture platter dog in the snow.

Do you have a very large or a very small dog? I like images when two totally different dogs can be seen on the screen as "best friends forever" ...

Or you take a funny plush dog, can take your next course and then give the image the title: Who is better ???

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