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Hi guys,

I have to go now before jogging barefoot, now I need to know just what is the proper technique.

I once made a picture of my appearance and would like to know whether this is correct.

thank you

The best answer

Hello People 191! The Vorfußlauf is the natural running style of the people, as he runs barefoot too. but this you need suitable footwear such as Nike free.

Man is almost all mammals in continuous-run think he's done it! No animal can 150 km at a stretch run, the person can there - trained. In the Kalahari people have rushed until recently antelope to death. Famous are the Tarahumara as long-distance runners. Traditionally operate the Tarahumara the hunt (also endurance hunting) on ​​wildlife (such. As deer) hunt them in continuous operation up the hillsides. Even today there are Tarahumara that - whether for hunting or race - run up to 170 km through rugged canyons, without stopping. cope without problems it stretches over 300 km, barefoot or with sandals at most.

The run all forefoot as you. All the best.


incorporate barefoot in the training is in principle a good idea. Though a hype in recent years - and still is - I personally find it very good for a varied training and a healthy running technique.

You can find out very quickly what technique is correct. If you're on the go barefoot, you'll put the first or metatarsus. Over longer distances but you will not vorfüßig as running on your photo. You will then try to run more than the midfoot. About the heel you can not run handy as you otherwise fall out teeth. About the technique but I would make me worry in the beginning, that comes naturally.

If you're started, you look at the video below.

So you do not get injured, I would recommend you the here to read more:

Start with 1-2 times a week with at least one recovery day. Start better with light minimal shoes instead of bare feet. Your soles are initially very sensitive. There are as of VivoBarefoot, New Balance or Vibram Shoes useful. Attempts to increase the scope slowly (from week to week to max 10%). This is really important and very difficult to implement at the beginning, because it is so much fun ...

If you still want more detailed advice, you'll be happy to answer even those questions:

  • How long are you running away already?
  • And how hard are you?
  • Where will you go through?
  • Have you ever taken a treadmill analysis and do any foot malposition?

Happy running!

Everyone has a different technique while jogging.

go jogging barefoot? This is not good, buy clever shoes or you'll quickly foot problems

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