cost of a dog per month in Switzerland

How much does one dog per month in Swiss francs. I would very much like to put me a dog but it was only one time I have to gather a lot more information. It should work with all the trimmings (dishes, leash, bowls, etc.)


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The basic equipment (linen, dishes, bowls, Berth) usually costs only times only once money and is sure to have more than 150 €, depending on whether you are for example or in cheap goods from stores in a wide price range of about 15 € to exclusive pieces from investing designers want.

Interestingly rather the cost of running control, feed, veterinarian, insurance etc. are dependent eg on the size of the dog, the sort of feed are'd like you give, vet bills you can not pre-calculate except that you in certain breeds equal with some diseases can likely expect.

For a normally held, fundamentally sound midsize dog I would start in Germany by 100-120 € as mean you should have monthly basis. What is not consumed directly has to be covered for as a necessary surgery caused the fast times five-digit cost.

Control is different for each community in Germany, as you can your home community in Switzerland safely say more as it is regulated there.

The financial side is however already noted by others, only one of the aspects that you must consider before purchasing such. Nevertheless great that you're early you off doing information from as many angles on many topics related to dog ownership to procure.

If you want you really need to buy a dog, you need anyway a course first make in order to obtain the certificate of competence, it is compulsory in Switzerland. And at this rate, the costs are also discussed.


what dishes, leash, bowls, and food costs, you can read about himself in the pages of Qualipet, Pet, Meiko and The gibts in every price category. These purchases will depend on the size of the dog and your personal preferences.

Your dog must be registered with your local council. The dog tax is to be paid annually in advance and may 70 CHF but also 160 CHF or more (?), Respectively. The municipality also requires registration with the ANIS. For the puppy needs the microchip and the registration procedure at the vet. About 80 CHF plus microchip (puppy from reputable breeding has already)

Given the mandatory Sachkundenachweis comes in theory and practice. Costs about each from 150 CHF

Here there is plenty written about. Http://

what you wllst spend on your pet, no one knows here .. go in an animal feed load and look for prices, seeking you out liability insurance premiums and think of the reserve for the veterinarian and dog pension. how high the tax in the CH, you better find out when we were in D ...

chickens and dogs tolerated but rarely

Imagine rather only the question: can I ever take care of a dog? Am I the day at home and who cares about the dog, if I am not there times.

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