Cost take care of the sick by smoking?

How have spoken in Bio in school whether it would make sense that health insurance costs, z. B. for the amputation of a foot-smoking and other diseases are caused by smoking accept or not. What do you think? Top with ground! Thanks in advance :)

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I am not in anything as is often undetectable, that diseases are actually caused by smoking. And if you start here, you have to circulate on the polluter all somehow self-induced costs. Then, if someone has a sports accident, he may not make a sport if he does not exercise it is again to blame for other diseases. If someone falls off the bike and hurt, he would just have to take the bus. In this way, the octopus cash will always find a reason not to have zalen

It is a disease that has most often caused even unfortunately the patient. Only what has been then caused by diseases caused by drugs (hashish, opium etc). Or alcoholics? Should all not be treated? Or only if the patient pays itself? What about burn-out? Has itself causes the patient, or the circumstances (such as work, family commitments etc). It is a disease that must be treated. Also from the solidarity of the insured. Then you can go further and ask whether the measles in Berlin should pay the cost themselves, since they were not even vaccinated. Seeding is free. Where are you going to draw the line?

Each person has his own way of dealing with his life. - Because you can say bad, you needs for supplies and this, that and not, otherwise you have to pay yourself. - Imagine, letting Sport victim sitting on the costs. - Would be "avoidable".

It is about the general consensus - the one can bad "patronize".

Incidentally, there is therefore no smoking Special rates because smoking the health insurance cost considerably less. - The die namely statistically before they are really expensive (aged). The smoking rates would therefore be cheaper.

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