Cough ... cough ... cough ...

Hi folks ... I had before 1ner week sore throat and JTZ I lay sick in bed and really cough every 10 seconds ... but only if I am when I get up I cough very little ... I have a cold?

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Leg under your head a few times cushion more ... If your head is higher coughing you not so much. And leg overnight a wet towel on the radiator)

Yes you got a dry and scratchy throat? Drink plenty of liquids, vll times suck a peppermint. If it continues I would go see a doctor. That with the wet towel is also a good idea - vll the air is too dry for you, which happens during the cold season by too much heat.

at least you cough. if other symptoms to come (sneeze, fever, head and moving dersch weed out) I'm going for colds.

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