Could I have a dog a great life?

Hello, I have seen a lot on the Internet, made these tests and me much informed but always found just posts where much is talked around it but it is not to the point. Therefore we have some information about me and could then my new dog have a great life with me? I am 16 years old and start this year my Abi on, my mother's friend has for a year a dog, so I have little experience with dogs, I have also already informed me of breeds for beginners, the Golden Retriever was for I have always been a super dog, although I had never a dog, but I read a lot about the these dogs are suitable for beginners, clearly there are also those that do not meet all this, but this is indeed the dog school there :) we move soon, then live in a box with nahegelegenem forest, we would probably stay in this apartment building in an apartment with a balcony and animals, that would I think no problem :) I wish actually always since I was about 7 a dog, we but have lived in an apartment where either no "larger" Animals were allowed or I had another animal to which I have looked after. I would most at home between 14-16 pm, would obviously mean HA make: D and then take care of my dog ​​in the morning, "afternoon" and in the evening to go out with him for about an hour. For me it's just the way, I have a neighbor who has a dog and I'm often I went out to her and therefore when walking the dog not inexperienced: D so I had to do with dogs, more or less :)

But my dog ​​would stop for 4-7 hours of Monday - Friday alone, sometimes more, sometimes less hours. Would it still go? Can we expect a dog so long to be alone? My mum would indeed sometimes be at home and able to care for him, but she also has this so called "rotating shift?" : D

I would appreciate answers :) Maybe you yourself indeed a golden retriever and can send me your experiences or tips notified :) I want to be an animal abusers, so I will inform myself sufficiently informed about "dog" before I household with me a , I know that you need a lot of time at the beginning, for the summer holidays would be there and I helped as the dog was brought up by a friend of my mother, as I said a year now almost old :)

LG Alina ^^

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No mädel for you is not a dog in frage-- please consider .. a dog you should never longer than 4 hours a day let alone and if possible not regelmäßig-- you'll make abi - so uhst lots of the school do, then you start to study or even to argeiten so're back, even the whole day off (apprentice) no, your dog would never of mttelpunkt of your life, but would imme rnur so on the edge mitlaufen-- if you just once time hättest-- meaning nciht, you do not love him very, but you simply lack the time, extensively to bechäftigen mti him or to worry yourself about him - besides, he would have much too much to live alone.


my mother's boyfriend for a year a dog,

because you've got then the direct contact to the dog, you can always again w hen you time uhst with bring more .. not sitting inside .. please do bear in mind, the animal is about 10-14 years old, you would then at the end of twenty, while he would live. you'll also times a partnership received and will out ne party or go shopping or treffen-- with friends that everything goes on the time that you müßtest-- be for your hudn because you'd much under pressure sezten .. no let it - wait, until you have a life-regulated, would you also not buy child grants - a pet acquisition is leztlich almost the same.

Hello Alinaschnuckel,

There is a way for you dogs, without any cruelty to animals to make life more beautiful.

Register now as honorary Gassigeher for shelter dogs

So you learn that dogs often because the owners work or have to school, are traumatized, no longer stay alone, apartment destroy in their desperation and then have to pay for the penalty for frivolous acquisition alone at the shelter.

but you will also learn positively and humanely deal with dogs, gaining experience with dogs.

And: You make dogs happy, so they are waiting for you.

This is currently the only real way for you with dogs to be together.

Good luck

But my dog ​​would stop for 4-7 hours of Monday - Friday alone, sometimes more, sometimes less hours.

So a flat rate can not answer to that. There are dogs that have no problem, even with 8 or 9 hours. But there is also the other extreme, dogs die if they have to stay alone. And you has it Nuie previously. Each dog muiss soweas learn slowly, if he can. Up to nem half year going so well as not having the stay alone - and if it is then klapprt questionable, it can only be built seerhr slowly.

And what if you did graduate, study, ... what then with dog. So a dog live well and happy 15 years.

Uberleg times if you present yourself at the shelter as Gassigeher. You can learn how a dog is ticking and you have no responsibility.

But my dog ​​would stop for 4-7 hours of Monday - Friday alone

7 hours, are unacceptable for a dog! A puppy also out of the question, because the first few months you can not let alone puppies. A puppy needs every 2 hrs. In between and out, brought up several times daily. Fed.

There is no beginner dogs, each dog costs in education equal to a lot of work, patience and time!

Hi I would recommend a retriever are good novice pet but as long as can a dog not to stay alone you should question the care of the dog is an adult and you can stay alone he should trotztdem no 7 hours stay alone when someone between two times with the dog goes out perhaps went 6 hours

In this respect it should be a puppy, this must not be left alone until he has learned how to stay alone 6 months. Since no rich 6 weeks.

And after that applies more than 4 hours must be alone no dog, above all, not every day. That's the homicide criterion.

No -the does not work! you are simply too little bunny and you have too little time for a dog, let me be! an hour outlet not enough -but rather 3x a day ne hour and puppies heist initially -the first moante life care and every 2-3 hours diurnal and -rausgehen night!

No would not go, a dog can not just leave hours alone. This needs to be taught slowly.

And even then you can a dog can not be every day 4-7 hours alone and it does not remain. If you do a training biste away longer.

4 more than 5 hours alone if the adult dog has learned. Up to 7 hrs = no.

A puppy needs to 6th month round support and has to be about every 2 hours to get out, even at night, and after eating, sleeping and playing.

No, dog ownership is not with you.

But my dog ​​would stop for 4-7 hours of Monday - Friday alone, sometimes more, sometimes less hours. Would it still go? Can we expect a dog so long to be alone?

This statement alone is sufficient to really discourage you very much on the attitude of a living dog.

In your life is going to change so much in the near future - because living together with a dog will leave little paste ...

Dogs are very attached to the people and there are 4-7 hours per day pretty much

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