Counts of the Rottweiler in Schortens as "dangerous" dog?

Hey guys, I wanted to ask whether the Rottweiler in Schortens counts as dangerous dog or as a normal dog. And I've heard you can sue the increased control, because there is generally no race list in Lower Saxony. But how? Thank you for the answers

The best answer

The amount of dog license fee is determined municipal = city ...

You can view the amount of dog tax also access online on the side of the city administration, Ordnungsamt, Abt. For the Kennel ...

Any restrictions on the attitude will become apparent from the national breed-specific legislation, where there is no longer this ridiculous Evil Dog list for Lower Saxony.

Of course, but every dog ​​owner has to meet requirements and what are they for you at the attitude of Rottweilers in Schortens, you learn at your city council.

Find out the responsible Public Order Office. The you explain why there is no more race list in Low Chasen.

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