Coupons for Legoland in Gunzburg?

Hi Guys! I would like to buy a ticket or a voucher for Legoland in Gunzburg for someone for his birthday. Unfortunately I only deals with sleep and for whole families. It should, however, be for only one day and for a maximum of two people. Do you know where the herbekommt the Internet? Could you what link? I think that is unfortunately nothing.

The best answer

Actually you can always find somewhere a coupon, but sometimes you just need for some time ...

With me are Tengelmann and Edeka at checkout often from what. For a time, were also coupons in certain packages this Lego Duplo bricks. With a little luck and which in a Lego store are (I do not know if you have something in your area). Or you look simply times in a toy store for a Lego catalog. If you had a longer time, you could also from time to time look at because there are always different perks that are really worth it.

Good luck yet!

Search Milkana products or Zott Monte! As you get on both the vouchers! Look this list, which also apply to all the Legoland:

On yogurt often what strikes. So I get the advertising on the Internet, because I was always out of Legoland page. In Lego catalog which had at least once in there. If you also want to visit other farms belonging to the Merlin group worth the Merlin card.

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