cpu fan runs constantly high msi GE60

Dear Community,

recently I have the following problem: in my MSI Ge 60 laptop with a Intel i5 3210m runs the cpu fan every few seconds up and then down again, and the idle (or Chrome open). Already have looked in the task manager and saw not a very high CPU utilization. It usually remains below 15% (idle).

now I do not know why this may be, and how I could fix this problem. Already the program Speedfan installed to run at an "optimum fan program", the problem, however, continue.

I hope you can help me! Thank you! lg

The best answer

hm has the ne turbo button fürn fan? the GP60 my mother has some son ^^

Could be that the cooling fins are tightly packed with dust or something ...

Then, the normal reaction would be that it heats up and the fan gas must be.


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