Crack in the front bale of my dog

Hello, I wanted to ask for advice, because my dog. He has 3 cracks in front bales for quite some time. 2 small and one larger. The small ones are overgrown, the greater also, but he tears open again. We were already talking about the TA because we Kernseife and Melkfett was advised. Everything tasted even Ballistol. Nevertheless, after 2 days open again without shoe. Through the long shoe wearing his claws are already grown long, which must be cut. Weis someone what there are, so that he wear after weeks of shoes, the bottom can again without running? thank you

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He must be after the long run with shoes actually only back to the harsh environment used without shoes. This can take a while. Is really a difficult situation. Can you maybe just let him by the hour without shoes running? He acclimatized very slow? Use the ointment further, preferably in the evening, when he is no longer on the road. Requested time nor the vet if you have any change the feed. This can also be a reason.

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