Cream cheese disappeared!

Hello friends, recently is my beloved cheese spread (more corners in round package) of "You can" no longer be found in stores. Does anyone know what's going on?

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The three ??? and the missing cheese spread. Sounds like a great event.

But why do not you ask directly times by the manufacturer? You can have a contact page where you can ask questions:

also goes to me so often with things which I hope esse.Ich then always that things only taken due to lack of demand from the assortment werden..Aber who knows what we are like as sometimes to questionable things essen.:-)..Vielleicht there the cheese you can not because now all have starved broken ..

if you can say goodbye mentally from verbraucherverarschenden brand names, you'll find the same tool as the "processed cheese" from various companies either in similar packaging or in lid cups better in every supermarket. "you must" (does not fat) is just as silly as the adoption that children chocolate was for kids. these are just a brand name.

vllt there was too much in it of things that you should not eat.

One probably bought it too little. Unfortunately we have no influence there, therefore you can either wait or look for another cheese.

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