Create a new Windows 7 user

Apparently I am one of those who have to have the bug with the user name in GTA 5 the pitch. Apparently I need to build myself a new user. mene question is whether one then in the all programs, and so has what one has ever account also when. or whether one has because irgentwelche vornerein restrictions.

The best answer

no, that is a separate account because you have not the same programs but programs hibt which you can have angehackt during installation that you want to install it on Hedem user but otherwise you hats nothing from your old account and make the new easy admin then you have no restrictions

Most programs will probably be available. Some programs ask during installation for whom the program is to be installed ( "Only for me" or "All"). The programs for which you have selected "Just for me", will not be available. The others should be under the user.

One problem may be that the settings are not available, you met with the other users because some programs save (user-related) settings in AppData or documents. These have to be reconfigured.

But you Create Just a new user. The old do not have to delete and then yes yes siehste what works.

I can give you the answer but unfortunately not post your question this afternoon again when more people are online

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