Croatia Street Dog transport to Germany possible?

Hello my dears,

I just wanted to ask whether it is legally possible to take a road dog in Croatia by bus to Germany. Please do not play the moral high ground, I have already made up my mind, I really just want to know if this would be theoretically possible

Greetings from flimre

The best answer

Whether it is legally possible, I can not say. But I would act against all the paragraphs, I'll take a four-legged friend enjoying as soon as I'm in origin, veterinarian, and from home! The borders in Croatia to Austria, Germany, Hungary rare times controlled. I know, now I get written lots of evils! I've already made vacation in Southern France, has been pursued for two weeks by a little black dress, starving, thirsty, been disposed of carelessly, who drove back to Germany, get with me and has a beautiful at home. Again and again I ity which, as I stand at !!

Of course its possible! : D

However, the dog must only at the TA and get at least one rabies vaccination. A passport is also needed, so you'll be chipping him equal to (I recommend the same terms as the free registration that's a dog's search service if your dog times abhaut and is found. Basis of the chip can then world to you be transferred back) the passport needs a rabies vaccination, de Chippung the dog, nothing more. This can but do very well in Croatia;)

Hi yes that is possible, but only if the dog was examined, vaccinated and ready also wurde.Dann chipped you get the vet in Croatia a pet passport and then you can also take the dog. Since the dog is not running as a passenger but as cargo on the bus, you would have to get you a box where it will be housed at the drive home.

I fear that the Question allow transportrichliniene of reisebuses that lorry mounted not by animals please when reiseveranstatlter after!

the import conditions you can easily google; "Import dogs from Croatia ..". it is ot easy to fulfill all the conditions in a short time!

No, in the long-distance coaches, it can be taken not allow live animals.

You can read the Terms and Conditions of the travel company.

(Besides, it is not necessary to play the Dog rescuers because some stray dogs are there where they live happier than they could ever be in Germany)

With some difficulty, it is well to ask the German customs möglich.Bei entering Kroatiehen.

Why not? You just have a vaccination record and may submit the necessary papers for the animal at the border.

Theoretically possible.

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