Crosswalk against brakes which colors in Pinto?

So there is indeed something that the horses you aufmalt crosswalk. With us our horses also helps ie 1. a dark brown the time I always with white cattle pen at the Fallows with black or green 2.But with what to the pony paint so it is but spotted this spotted dark brown -white and he has from the side more from but brown on the breast and on demnrücken little more so know what to because now I take have the colors (white, black, blue, green, purple) what would be best? ??

The best answer

Buy yourself (how could it do to the body color possibly because of itching or so) a little fly rug with zebra stripe pattern, which does not interfere and the problem is solved!

Ifs does not exist as a fly corner, take a sweet itch blanket in zebra pattern, carry with us many (Isis, have eczema)

But if it does not interfere with your horses, the coloring is also a good idea! LG Sammy

I would assume black, comes the Zebra Effect closest and distinguished good from the other colors.

I would ask the white black and brown do take

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