Crown itself tinker? Metal foil?

Halli Hello (:. I'm in preparation for a costume that I will make myself given, I have me a crown selbermachen (picture), but I do not know quite what material ... I was there ever heard on metal foil, but do not know if that's right. that's why I'm looking desperately for ideas! Thanks!

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hmm, with an image that would be easier. But in principle: with cardboard you can ever get the form (and stability) get. A silver-colored structure you get the easiest way with aluminum foil - just stick to the cardboard. For an effect in gold goes exactly only instead of the normal aluminum foil (from the budget) zerschnippelst you one of the emergency blankets from the first aid box cars (this ceiling there's also buying individual - petrol station, car accessories trade).

Although, since there is no picture, but here it is shown how to do it. Http://

Can you nix golden cardboard / buy Tonkarton or take gold paper and paste on cardboard?

Look times here: ! : :-)

Bekleb Just as a child-crown from Burger King with film

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