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My dog ​​(7 years old) was diagnosed rear left in Sept. 2014, a cruciate ligament injury! The doctor advised a Op, which should cost about € 1,500 plus treatment! Unfortunately that is not possible with this award for me, so I decided to Hundephysiotherapie and various homeopathic pills. The first few days you could feel a purported to improve the running and the dog was more agile. My dog ​​even jumped again, but in a renewed Banderriss - this time right. Now get my dog ​​hardly ass high. Long walks, for her ne Strapatze with anguish. I want to help my dog, but did not have the wherewithal at this altitude. Where and how can my dog ​​be helped, the veterinary clinics in Germany is beyond my financial limits! Maybe there ne way in the neighboring countries? Who can give information!

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Oh that's naklar bad :(

we ourselves 5 dogs well when after 1-3 weeks is still as bad or even worse then I would go to the vet that can find her to another possible solution, if not feasible then I would in euthanize I have my dog already :(

but it is better than if the dog has Schwerzen;) :(

PS: I hope it will get better and I would have a bit of googling maybe you'll find another solution


and, where do you live?

a very good vet is the Dane Bille in Hokkerup shortly after Flensburg. Bille has a lot of experience with big dogs. Specifically sheepdogs and Newfoundlanders but other breeds. It is affordable and realistic!

However: even if you have an appointment, you should plan a longer waiting period, he is in great demand. \ _oplysninger.html

All the best for you, no matter how the decision emanates.

ps. it is actually a Neufi or Neufimix? bring this issue already automatically .....

I think the best is to go to a German animal Klink. You could tell them of your payment problem, they have determined understanding and make you vlt. a good offer. Good luck :)

LG Arak1

Very few people have just so in 1500 or 2000 € in the drawer ...

If one is however a responsible dog owner, you should either pay for the animal in a monthly operating cost insurance or just an amount X to one side to be for unforeseen emergencies "liquid" ...

I advise you not to look un the surrounding countries ...

If your dog what brings now to be finally treated, and I presume, think about it times an installment loan record.

You can pay the bill at the veterinary clinic and can the installments to the bank hold quite low ... And the lending rates are currently very low.

Think of the re-produced health of your dog!

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