CSGO laggt extremely

since latest update CSGO laggt the game extremely with me. my computer from hp has windows 8.1 64bit, inter core i7-4790 cpu, 3.8GHz. 12 gb ram, AMD Radeon R9 290 Need urgent help have the computer already relaunched.

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Besides playing - 11.03.2015 the following problems have arisen since the last Windows update:

jerky mouse hooked after some time

sound is distorted

Videos / streams slow down

System is extremely slow through to almost freezing the screen

CPU is skyrocketing

After restarting initially everything i. O. to after some time again until the mouse hook begins ...

If so:

It is probably an update issue from 11.03.2015.

Polluter is the service:

Intel (R) technology access service.

I have the same problem; If you disable this file (if you could only stop, it is after every reboot active), everything runs smoothly again:

Windows key + R

Input: services.msc

Select Service and double-click

Set "Disabled":> Star type - Then in the "General" tab

Good evening, since it is since the last update so, it is likely at play. Did you already googled your problem? If not, I have set before you the warmly recommend. The Steam Support You might possibly extend the helping hand, just open a ticket, write an email and you will receive an answer soon. :) Regards Alexander

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