current dog collar prohibited ..

Hello, I was looking for in an auction platform to leuthalsbändern. Bin encountered Collars push the power button on remote control.

On the Internet I read that they are banned in German, but why are they for sale? Such clay or spray function I let me still be received, in the puppy school was a vibration collar demonstrated, does not hurt, yes. But electricity hurts but why there are the dogs.

The best answer

Hello motzig These things are offered, because there are people, unfortunately, the .OB so buy what and also use it is allowed, or the creature is tormented thus, not interested the seller or provider at all, or he would something in front not in its range include .DEM goes only to the offer and the Provit. That's exactly schliomm how Würgehalsbänder .The may be sold, even in large-known animal markets. NG

Supply and demand. That is why it is offered.

But the other forms such as sound, spray, or vibration collar can hurt, though not health.

These collars can have defects, that is, the range has been exceeded, the batteries are dead or it has a latency. Then, the reaction does not come at the right time and the dog it linked wrong on his actions. Sometimes the parts become perhaps going even without that was what. Say the dog is punished, although nothing was. This can lead to enormous behavioral disorders. Also, the dog can scare characterized and continues to flee to. Since he was never seen again.

Besides, I want to mention that no dog should be brought up with punishment. Positive reinforcement is the word. And for that you need no such collar, but only understanding and possibly treats.

On Internet platforms of course there are, unfortunately, things that may not be used in Germany.

Paradoxically, one must sell them anyway

You get so synonymous bought car accessories, which we must not get caught up. ;-)

Not all things whose use is prohibited, therefore can not be bought ...

In the market and, indeed, on the Internet you can buy everything ... Money makes the world ...

The use of these collars is prohibited individuals ... and as it already is almost common in every law in Germany, there are again exceptions ...

Only dimwitted flash bulbs need such "devices" - ordinary people always manage without such collar support their dogs to pleasant housemates to make four-legged ...

In Germany, it is so that you may sell much, even though the use is not allowed. This is not only in relation to the current collars so but also for example in the automotive sector. There are many attachments are sold, you may install, but which may not be on cars off the ride on public roads.

Whether logical or not - Germany and the laws are illogical.

Because there are always idiots who are too stupid to raise their animals without violence. These are the ones who then wonder why their dog jump them at once in the face and biting. Can at the seller so to ask if he can agree with his conscience. The Humane Society or Peta, you can email the page, which then committed to ensuring that takes the from the assortment.

Why is there such collars for dogs? Full einfach.Für people who are in a position not to educate their dog or reasonable auszubilden.Auf this way they make their dog gefügig.Das are poor wretches use something

I think you should educate no animal by force.

The application is not prohibited the sale or possession.

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