Customs fees for 360 US dollar value of goods

Hello, I would like on an American website to order something (specifically a poster with the dimensions 28x43 cm). The poster costs 360, - USD + 80 USD shipping to Germany. (Yes, I know: It's too expensive and I'm crazy to spend so much for a picture ...)

Now to my question: Since it has such a high value of goods, I have to reckon that will still incur charges at customs. Which sum I must also reckon? Or. come listen to unexpected costs to me?


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If the poster does not somehow is an original work of art protected work, I would sort it in the tariff under 4911 9100 900 (other image prints), in the alternative, under 4911 9900 000 (other prints, other, other). For both applies: 19% import tax on goods value plus shipping, no customs, since the goods of both headings are duty free.

The conversion rate specifies the Customs monthly fixed in advance. He can , then search for "conversion rates" are found.

Otherwise, may differ depending on the parcel service, nor added cost for customs clearance. But these are costs for a private service (such as tax, shoes reparierene, etc.) that have nothing to do with the customs. Experience has shown that cost between 0 (German post) and 50 euros can be. To influence goes only in theory ...

It is important that the seller outside the copy of the invoice (eg in an envelope "For customs purposes only" labeled) to the packet / images roll sticks. This increases the chances that the poster comes directly to you, and you do not have to pick it up when nächstgelgenen customs office; because even that can happen (eg if the customs, the posters, for what reasons would Anyway, view, or if no value is declared comprehensible and should be determined by the examination of the value).

Since you pay for the product or something in return takes place, which fall under the intellectual broadcasts.

For commercial shipments, there is a free limit for consignments of low value.

  • Up to 22 € no import duties (import sales tax + inches) must be paid
  • 22 € to 15 € only have to pay the import tax, but no duty
  • More than 150 € then import sales tax and (if necessary) inches

Please refer

For some products, no customs duty payable. For the other products, the duty varies. With a smartphone images this 0% is all I know.

If the charges under € 5 are not applicable to my knowledge.

It is drawn zoom the TOTAL value of the invoice. A verification Porto / foreign sales tax is included does not take place.

The tariff can be from 0% to 17%. Look here

You lie over 150 € thus falling import VAT and customs of.

€ 430 is the free volume as a traveler so I guess that will also apply to packages.

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