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Hello, I have 2 times headphones bought for each 21.99 on ebay well has now shipped I have to pay customs duties or is it still in the statutory sense. Or. 2 were 1 packet. Total value € 40 +. Or it would be wiser 2 packets to send each 21,99 were worth?

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One are the duties - because 2 packages, for example would be sent at intervals of 1 week cheaper - assuming there are no shipping costs. Fallen namely shipping rates, are determined higher than 0.01 euros; Shipping costs are added to the value of goods and then checked whether the value limit of 22 euro is exceeded. Then you are anyway about 22 euros and have yet 2x Versandksoten "on the heel."

With "Headphones from China" I'm always a little noisy. As often - and this is the other - Fakes sent (eg "cheap" "Beats by Dr. Dre" or similar brands). In case you have already done everything wrong, as you have ordered. Fakes may not be introduced by Deutschalnd. They are seized by customs (futsch money, goods gone), the trademark rights holder (or his lawyers) are notified. these send you then a so-called "cost-reinforced warning" UDN too undersigned desist. Cost: 100 euros more. Should it therefore be fakes: Best refuse acceptance, or if you get a letter from the customs, there does not go only. Money and goods are indeed then continue down the drain, but at least no legal fees ...

Usually you have to pay only from 150 inches, meinste perhaps the import VAT? which you have to pay from 23 euros

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