Cystitis? What to do?

Hello I did yesterday on cold hollballen sitting (but on my jacket) and must now permanently on toilet and it feels durable like I have but if I go hardly comes something .... But I am now all day at school go and do not know what to do? Can anyone help me? :(

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It is important that you drink a lot! Furthermore, you can also Blasentee or cranberry juice drink, which is very useful! Good convalescence!

Only the doctor provides the correct diagnosis and then the right therapy arrange ... something can not handle even one. Only support .. with drink plenty .. depending on what it is. ^^

Drink plenty of water! Ongoing go to the toilet! The bacteria will double within 20 minutes - and can be washed out only in this way!

However, I doubt that you have a bladder infection, if nothing hurts.

Drink plenty of liquids, wear panty liners back often to the toilet when you have the urge and maybe go to the pharmacy if necessary doctor there to buy something against. Is really annoying, I always!

For doctor and plenty of tea or drink water

Go today to the doctor and let you prescribe an antibiotic. Until then drink plenty of fluids.

For doctor .... What will you actually hear? There is only one possibility. Doctor!

Tip: Drink plenty of tea and / or water

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