Damage to a company car

Hello community, have corrupted October 2014 with my Fahrrrad a company car. I came from the physiotherapy, was about to get on my bike and am tilted exactly on the company car. The damage amounts to 1600, - € (bulging, painting, company logo) And since I do not have liability insurance at the moment, I have the damage alone Tache pay. Only the injured party has never reported to me, just today his office called and informed me that the bill was there from the car dealership. And now my question: How long the victim may actually be time to let me come for the damage the bill? Allen a nice day nch, greeting Tanja B.

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What kind of a powerful bike and how you oO because banged on the car? And that was nen expensive BMW or something? 1600 EUR damage during tipping with a bicycle at / near a car? Find me a bit crass.

If the damage of October, I would go with the case to a lawyer - a simple advice is not expensive and if you're talking sense to him, even free vll

Read here even know what it says on limitation periods.


How long the victim may actually be time to leave me the invoice to be eligible for the damage?

Google is by limitation periods, then you know it

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