damage to property

In my house someone has my property I damaged have photos etc and have seen photos and how he did it but how much is the fine for something ???

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Damages on insurance, if available: it depends on what is damaged. He must reimburse you the price for repair or new purchase if you can put evidence. In addition, you can demand compensation if it is something that you would desperately needed. Judicially must usually not be regulated, inquire only times my lawyer or directly from the insurance company. Emergency you will the be refunded by the loss of objects lost money and also in terms of time.


Where did you get fined? To get the, you had it once to display them. However, if there is no public interest, there is no penalty.

Because of your own claims you need to you hire an attorney.

So what exactly is happening? Usually you bring the police if someone damaged something. Why do you have time, the record in photos? One might also think that this person has been prompted, breaking anything, for the photos. Sure must there be reimbursed once a display.

Your details are too inaccurate for a vote.

Damage to property is in Germany rel. low punished. Couple social hours maybe. Your damage you have anyway to civil courts, so sue in a second trial.

Why did the person not the same detained and called the police?

You get as much money as the amount of damage is. But only if the polluters can pay.

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