Dark or milk chocolate as a cast?

Hello :-)

I'm still fast a cake for my girlfriend and I, unfortunately, no suitable chocolate or the like have at home, I wanted to ask if I can take normal dark chocolate or milk chocolate as a cast? And if so, what is there better? Do I have this note something or I can melt quite normal?

Danke schon mal, glg 1Komma4 :-)

This recipe I bake: http://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/561041154186137/Polnischer-Schokokuchen.html

The best answer

Yes ... it's both, you make the chocolate in a water bath melt (do not boil). Put some grease, z. B. Palmin contribution to getting the cast is beautifully supple ... good luck :-)

This has been going. The chocolate necessarily heat on a water, otherwise it will burn on. So put pot with little water bowl top, chocolate in the bowl. The soon hot water heats the bowl gently. If the chocolate to cool down quickly (when draufmachen, makes them so komosche wrinkles. Tastes just sees only strange from such dry spots.

Better dark. And absolutely gently melt in a water bath, a little coconut oil to respect that comes in no water, otherwise the cast is spoiled. must cook the ground either!

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