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My girlfriend has currently afraid because their period is 1 week late. She is 15 and has its days are about 3 years. she can not be pregnant. She's worried because her period was always on time. Unfortunately I do not know how I can calm them. Is this normal in the old? I had something even times but it was still very early in my period. Did you have something already times? What reasons can it have?

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the body is not a machine and by stress or the like, the period sometimes be unpunctual. when she grieves so large, they should go and see the doctor.

She is worried that this may be something serious

I am 15 and have my period for 3 years! she's now been about a year was always on time and now it has come 2 weeks too late, I can not be pregnant, so I think that this is normal and occurs again and again! stress may be for example a trigger for lateness! so do not worry! ;)

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Must she not, which can sometimes be delayed from stress, worry, or just too time so

which can have a lot of reasons, the front off medicine and stress; it certainly is more, no fear

Why fear when you supposedly can not be pregnant

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