Ddddarf I do that?

we soon go on a school trip and not because everyone in our class are old enough to buy alcohol, I want to ask if I may, and there must be denne or is it forbidden?

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You're making an offense if you give young people alcohol. In addition, your teacher you will send home early if he gets wind of it.

Can we really fundamentally NOT

The sale of alcohol to minors (or respect. Beer, wine etc to the under 16) is prohibited and punishable. Whether you run the now commercially or not makes no difference

on class trips is legally prohibited alcohol, also for teachers ... in theory

should get drunk the "little ones", so you are with the responsibility and are drann.

Yes, it is forbidden to give minors (or under 16) access to alcohol.

It is an offense and how the person mentioned below has will send you your teacher home. Is time 2 boys from my class on a school trip happened when they were caught with vodka, which was not great ..: D

No, delivery to minors is prohibited, and at school events prevails anyway alcohol ban for all.


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