Death of the dog - When did you put away everything?

Good evening everyone,

I know this is all a matter of personal taste and the very personal time required for such a thing.

I've been 2.5 months orphan and have it so far only managed to evacuate the basket in the laundry room. There lies's also because I need warm weather to wash it and dry can. Could indeed work this week.

Otherwise collar depends velvet rope in the hallway at the secretary, since the time when our vets came into the house. Your toy box is still in the living room around, lying on the balcony still balls, on the window panes are still dog nose off. The paper bag with the Medis and the bandages is rum even obvious. In the kitchen are the wells and gathering dust.

I do not even know if I want to bury the urn, or whether they should remain in the closet. I was always against a "shrine", but now they can read it there, framed in a Trauerkarte my vet, a small book with sadness texts and star candles.

I can not bring himself to putting away anything and to bring me out of sight. This can not bring pulls also still like a red thread through all of life's :-(

Can someone tell me whether it is more useful to put away the things, so that one is not surrounded at every turn with reminders someone out of the experience? Or whether it's better to just leave it until the feeling is there, now it can be in a "memory box"?

The outer affects the inner and vice versa. Therefore, I wonder, too, whether it is better packaged, thus also inside more calm returns.

What do you say to this?

The best answer

We lost our dog in December.

I have given away everything immediately and just wanted to keep the necklace.

Then I went to a Spanish shelter to just help.

I went with the dogs there gassi and am in love with a dog and had everything rebuy. Because I then adopted him.

I would suggest you there spatial away, but give it not away

Because you never know what so geschieht.Ich you have here yet written a beautiful text.

Testament of a dog

When people die, they make a will,

to their home and everything they have to leave them,

they love.

I would also make such a will, if I could write.

A poor, yearning, lonely stray I would

leave my happy home, my cup, my cozy bed,

my soft pillow, my toys and beloved lap,

gently caressing hand, the loving voice,

the place I had in one's heart,

the love that I finally begin a peaceful and painless end

will help, held in consoling arm.

And if I die, please do not say:

"Never again will I have a dog, the loss does much to hurt!"

Pick-a lonely, unloved dog out and give him my place.

This is my heritage.

It is after all a personal question how to handle it. I mean just because her things are gone does not mean that I do not always and again I say times have back flashes and think that if I open the same door she starts barking and runs toward me, what she has previously always done and that's her already for months. Of course it's sad but I just do not always see their things and be reminded that it is no longer there.

Everyone needs to know yourself ^^

I have most of the things my dog ​​verräumt the next day, partly Attic (for the next dog should again come a) the other part I have the shelter donated.

I kept his necklace as keepsakes that handed me perfectly because it is the most personal of what the dog had. Of the remainder, I am quickly disconnected because it made me sad these things always unused to see. And wanted when I wanted to think of him / mourn, then I have the necklace brought what until now always reminds me of him and I am now also happy makes when I can think about it because I then would not think that he has gone but at the great time I had with him (:

Hello michi57319,

Here in the house there are linen which have been already bought almost 30 years ago for one of my Vierpfötler. A wonderful Lederleine I iregendwo outside leave, she was gone. That's why I'm still concerned.

Lin found to be used a base again. Collars I pick up, they will not be used further. Some are mementos.

Moorings are all dogs, mispurchases which no dog ever liked are donated to the animal shelter

But if everything remains unaffected because you can not let go so I want to give you a tip which you can get to all material things across adherence.

Take a look at this site very closely. From this artist I can draw some of my companions, which I hope to once again see and take in the arms. It helps me to get over, to see this ever again. It's something to look completely different from a photo.

Rooms so once everything away, bring medications for dogs and uneaten food to the shelter, even cups and dog coats are always urgently needed.

Harness, collar and leash will lift you up as a souvenir. Hang the charcoal drawing of your soul dog to where you'll most often stop you. She looks at you, even if you go on image over ...

to draw a portrait of this technique is an art. It has incredibly helped me to get over the loss of my companions away.

We have removed anything because we bought after one week a new dog, because we also need a watchdog. In your place I would either buy a new dog, if not I would umd grab the toys and everything else in a box somewhere stand so it does not all too reminiscent Even if it drops you hard. The urn I'd definitely keep any question is logical.

When my dog ​​I have put away their things after 1 day died. I should not bear every time I go into the living room to see where she once located, etc. Then I have good ne week day drunk and could slow finish it. The urn but in the bedroom, after all, yes I want that she is still "here".

Hi Michi, nice that you write again. Well you've done it for the love of your mouse, to redeem them. I had thought that lets me find more tranquility, the urn of my thicknesses on my dresser. Also, the clearing away of his stuff makes me not continue in my grief. Now there are more than 3 months are his death, 3 weeks before I felt better, but for a week I could only cry again. When walking the dog with the other two, with my outlet pack when Angrillen because he no longer lying next to me, waiting for a hot dog, etc. Here again, you have to try for yourself what is the best. But I think you have so many memories and thoughts in his head, which helps apparently only time one in coping. I see him as permanent before me as he looked at me in the final minutes. And bang, again through the tears. All the best

I have put away nothing, the woof was from my wife, inzw. we have two new. Not more useful articles were just thrown away, useful reused. If you have not now and you do not want to throw them away in a box pack. But I know now not what our previous Woof is, we are inzw. but also moved (with the two new)

I would do anything in a Hau-Ruck-action away and at the same time put up with specific things to a spot of rest and remembrance, so that if the need arises, I can give grief a place! That will again create to make you the next room! Wish you my sincere condolences!

Everyone needs to "feel" for themselves.

When we had to euthanize our cat at the time, I immediately taken away * everything *. I would have liked things can no longer view. For my husband and me, it was the right decision.

I am sure that we will do the same if our Chihuahua must leave us one day.

Love michi57319,

not and my best friends on four paws - ... one never goes quite so ... - Keep your mouse also not!

Collars and leashes stay ... Sometimes I have passed the lines to my other dogs, but never the collars and the brands.

In the food and water-wells, it was with us through the multi-dog ownership simple: they went about in the use of the other dogs.

If you feel that your cursor now are your thoughts rest - then you can bury the urn; Perhaps it also will take a while.

will mourn probably always everyone else ... It is indeed every "Death" differently: whether two- or four-legged friends.

Behave just like how are you best with the thought of your friendly dog.

Let since the stuff while it lasts, no one says that you gotta put away.

I put away the things only after 1.5 years and despite new dog. You are now in a box in my closet and there they remain. It has bad Heulerei there again given but now the things are not in my field of vision.

But images that are around here, I see them every day. Ah yes, the still. To me it has gone better after 5 years, regardless of how the now sounds for some. It was just so that nobody has to understand.

The dog is now soon nine years dead and we still attend to the pet cemetery.

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