Demarcation cattery / commercial breeding (dog)

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if someone has an approved kennel name and a license to breed and this already 15 litters had (small dogs, about 3 pups per litter on average). Each year, 2 to 3 litters, about two females and also has its own stud dog ... that's still a cattery or even business? That a cattery is recognized as a losing proposition, I have read. I am talking here but purely to the question of where a cattery stops and Commercial (also non-profit ...) begins. I myself do not breed and do not plan it. I'm interested in only the legal situation. So if someone knows something, I would be grateful for answers ... PS: the puppies are well, chipped with pedigree etc sold. Price according to Internet for such animals 700-1500 depending on sex, color, ....

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two females and also has its own stud dog ... that's still a cattery or even business?

from the 3rd bitch a new breed is eingetuft as commercially.

The conditions for culturing gewerbsmäßiges are usually satisfied when an attitude unit achieved the following scope or the following volumes: - Dogs: 3 or more reproductive females or 3 or more litters per year. äßige-Hundezucht.pdf

But the answer to the question brings you much. The aforementioned rule can be broken by facts. In addition, the tax office can deny professionalness and the trade office says yes. The reverse case is possible.

dogmama is absolutely right: From 3 females to go from a professional securities breed from.

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