Denim is slim to fly!

Hi, after the third Jeans, in which it is now happening, I decided to get me some advice. I buy my jeans always ZARA and I have the problem that (when viewed from above me from) the substance right under the fly after the time becomes thinner and thus a bit brighter and somehow curled funny. You can see that really totally, so I can no longer wear the pants. Why is that? I always wear skinny jeans. Weighing at 1,84m 60kg and too tight are my pants definitely not ... Can you do something about ?? I hope someone can help someone.

Thank you so much!


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Natural wear and tear that happens to other brands auh

All Both round Jeans have a stretch of spandex, the higher is the sooner leiert the jeans. Some brands that happens sooner, because the rest of the substance also made more pliable materials or thinner materials. A spandex 2% is resilient enough and the sagging would be limited. LG

use no fabric softener.

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