Dentist offers cash performance only in combination on - Legal ?!

Hi Guys,

my dentist wants to miss me a splint (is covered by insurance) and additionally mean by a special process Kiefer measure (to 80 euro cost). He also said that he does not rails without Spezialausmessung.

Now my question: Not to mention that it would make sense, to measure jaw, he may cash benefits withheld from me even if I would not agree with the 80 Euro ??

Somehow made the dentist to me that is an easy money horny impression - not because he was suggesting the measurement of (which I would expect from any good doctor), but because he has not asked whether I agree with it.

The best answer

he may me ever denied cash benefits if I would not agree with the 80 Euro ??

Ultimately valid contractual freedom for doctors. Does a doctor must treat even anyone he does not want to deal with it unless it is an emergency aktuen.

In your place I would do what patients should do quiet often times, namely to get a second opinion.


What can you do?

  • some health insurance companies have a medical hotline where you can let yourself by phone medical advice from dentists
  • can give the dentist written estimate, and then consult Krankenkasse
  • Turn another dentist



No he can not. the dentist must always offer a cash performance unless it deals only with private patients.

He also said that he does not Spezialausmessung no rails

I can understand that, because without functional analysis is only worth half as much a so-called crunch rail. By measuring your bite is accurately determined. Unfortunately, however, are not covered by health services.

he may me ever denied cash benefits if I would not agree with the 80 Euro ??

Yes, he can. You are free to change the dentist if you do not like his attitude.

Somehow made the dentist to me that is an easy money horny impression

I do not know, look like money horny ZÄ, if you're but think then switch the dentist. Whether you with another ZA, which makes you use your desire a rail without surveying, satisfied are to be seen.

in your place I would change the dentist.

There are also doctors who take an impression - Send the whole to the laboratory where the rail is made.

After inserting the bite is controlled by the dentist and possibly sharpened a bit.

Tell him that you this so hard to decide, he should make an estimate, which you would then in your KK submit.

easily us dry.

Kiefeschiene is not an emergency, so can the Doc to choose his patients.

If need is only the transition to another doc

A Measurements must in any case be made so that the rail fits. If this power now "Spezialausmessung" is, it does not necessarily mean that it is better than the normal gauging. Waste your money. I would not inform the insurance company about the incident. Dir is the dental treatment even if you take no "hedgehog-power" to complete. My confidence in the dentist would be significantly disrupted. I would change.

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