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PRELIMINARY: I WILL NO ATTENTION .So I have been ... 9 months depressed (+ sleep, concentration weakness ...). Bin 13 and in 7th grade of a high school that is known especially to be heavy and very strict (yes that's really true ...), my problem is that is in each work a 1- or sometimes a 2+ write and find just bad, my parents have taken me down for a 1- since I find everything 1+ is not bad. I hate it, everyone around me is happy about a 2-3 and I seats as more and howl because of a 2, I'm always very disappointed in me, but not to be force better simultaneously (for depression). What can I do? All find it funny ... I think it's just hard to get a 1-, sees someone?!?!? How this eternal self-hate on me and my "egalwasichmacheesistschei ..." setting others (I'll possibly soon to a clinic or doing therapy, not because I do not want help but my mother does not want to) what can I do? Please only nice reply that are serious ...

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that sounds rather as if not the school be strict, but your parents. That's a huge difference.

Your learning experience will be to deal with different pressure (it learn). Then certainly also your depression be better advised in the background. Your parents need to understand that the pressure that make you, you enormously destroyed. If they want to tease you, then let them carry on. But if they want a confident daughter, then they must learn better to you. And apparently you seem generally to be able to perform well. Yes ... just you learn to see life through performance. So unfortunately see a lot of people's lives and wonder later why they get "burn-out" or "depression".

Be proud of you because you have given everything you put into it.
Be proud of you because you have learned to prepare you.

If it subsequently goes wrong ... yes ... then it should be found out, why are you slipped. But if you are lying still on the ground, have no power, then it will not help you if you get penalties.

Hopefully you'll find in the clinic support, if not the teacher or another trusted person from you.

I'm sorry that it's so bad you!

for you it would certainly be good to begin therapy, then you have someone with whom you can talk about your problems. With this "perfectionism" (I everything must have 100% correct), it is not always easy to handle. Many look forward to a 1-, is after a 1 and actually it does not matter if there is a minus or a plus in front of it. Maybe you should also times with your teachers talk and explain them your problem, they can cheer you up and say that this is still great. Perhaps you build the on :) or you ask times explicitly your parents why they think a 1- not rich ...

You can find it not nice that your parents get upset over a 1-, and you have every reason to be sad. But up to a (diagnosed by the doctor) depression it is still far. You have reason to be sad, so was sad u. Try to talk to your parents, and. Tell them that you'd be pleased if they were gkücklich with your good grades. ,

A 1 and 2 to write wow ... you seeking a treatment or a conversation with one of your guidance counselor of your school ...

Have you ever talked to your parents that they make too much pressure? If that does not help it sometimes brings what with an outsider (guidance counselor, good friends of parents, etc.) to talk and ask them to again talk to your parents. If you were to bring continuously 4p would it rightly so but at a 1- already Terror to make is way too exaggerated

You have a pronounced tendency to perfectionism, you will not happy with it is clear. A therapy is only useful if it helps yourself to accept yourself as you are and not for depression. Depression you do not have, because then your life would be gray, meaningless and you your grades Sch * #! * Matter.

Every day Brennesseltee drink that will help you,

And yes they are diagnosed, because some did not understand, it did not feel clearly expressed


first of all respect that you have found the courage to call it your problem public - that's a first step. now since you seem to be stuck in a vicious circle - but more to the need to follow (with just 13 years!). You have pressure. The pressure makes you write "bad" scores. But you get in trouble. This makes: pressure. And so on.

Now, if you do not actively "brake will walk", it is getting worse until the collapse. The good news: Since you're so young, you can take countermeasures. The bad: Because you are so young, you obviously can not just so secretly to a psychiatrist. Because the cause of the problem is probably your parents (if I accept your descriptions times than honest).

But you can do this: you turn to a trusted teacher. By the way: How do you know that you have depression - since "9 months"? Was there already a diagnosis, a Artzbesuch? Are you already in therapy? If so, talk with the doctor or therapist about your fears, the pressure, the worry. Say that you have a fear of the pressure of your parents. It is irresponsible, what and how your parents act - perhaps you think it is "only good" - but: You are 13 and have not pay for the problems of your parents.

Go to the next step, a people entrust you and do not let yourself by hurting people you really should offer protection: your parents.

I press you fingers crossed! By the way: If things get really bad, you call here at: 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222. This is free, the telephone counseling. The hearing, to take you seriously, treat everything as confidential and may designate contact points you in your region ...

All the best, Lalelina ... your spot I would be happy .. 1+ and 1- have no big difference in the witness's eh ne 1


Have're nem half year also zziemliche problems and wants to take my life. We can write about it if you wish .schreib me: [email protected]

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