Depression ... what tuhen now?

Hello people I've got depression 4 years ago and got medication. Then, also a year everything was now ok ... now they strike again and I will get back antidepressants what should I do? Do you have tips as I might my capricious times can improve on or how the power get to go to school. Please help me :(

Ps (I am 15 years, am in therapy and was 2 years ago for 7 months in a psychiatric ward. So that you know that I have been looking for help).

Lg Jana :)

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Love Jana1999Juschka,

I can name only rather general tips that can help lighten the mood you now. For example, sport can create a positive effect on well-being, which solves namely the release of endorphins from. And if you have only once overcome his bastard, then it can make oh fun, best with Someone.

Then you can go for a walk and try thereby to soak up the sun that does the soul good also just after the dark winter months.

Do you have a hobby - eg. what choice of musical, music, art etc?

A pet can do well also the soul, then you should only to a scrupulous care in able to be. I write, not because I do not zutraue you, but because certain symptoms of depression people on such a permanent care behinder can and should not do to the animal.

You can search you a task that makes sense to you, visit eg animals at the shelter and run or otherwise you socially committed.

If you have any questions, I'll try you like to respond,

best regards, Thomas

Try with karate or taekwondo. This shows you on a path to a target, which you strength and endurance - both internally and externally - gives. But that is a long and hard road. But if you go it, you approach ever closer to the goal, which is to control his body and his mind.

You have to find a psychotherapist, a lot of fun in the search.

Arms society when people 11 have depression.

Certainly a rather rare event that someone is suffering with 11 already in depression. But rest assured that it can here be no help for you.

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