Depri songs, screamen or clean vocals

Do you know Depri- or sad songs? So in English? Sort of like Another Love by Tom Odell or When We Were Younger or Tigers and Sharks of You Me At Six. Do not have anything to do with love. Can also be songs where gescreamt.

Thanks in advance.

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The songs of Casper are usually always very depri ... But not on Englich. Birdy actually always writes very beautiful songs :)

besitos - pierce the veil, bulletproof love - pierce the veil, if you can not hang - sleeping with sirens, just try using bands like pierce the veil, sleeping with sirens, a day to remember and so :)

Although I would not call it Depri songs but sad songs ... So: Avenged Sevenfold: Seize The Day, I Will not see you tonight part 1, So Far Away; Billy Talent: Nothing To Lose, Surrender, White Sparrows; Bullet For My Valentine: A Place Where You Belong; Serj Tankian: Saving Us, Honking Antelope; Hozier - Take Me To Church

And then something, so those are now holding no ballads, I still think the songs have so ne beautiful sad, or rather heavy atmosphere.

Gojira - All The Tears; Global Warming; backbone; - Opeth: Blackwater Park (actually the whole album); Wolves in the Throne Room: you have you simply block the band listen ... And Words Of Farewell: In Kingdoms Of Rain

Another Love and tracks with screamen're already quite similar

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