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Hey guys, so I would have times a very tricky question for me .... I'll now since 5 years drugs have me last year involuntarily decided as I make them myself times on the way to a long-term (therapy) .. .well my problem is now already a whole piece here, I want to live again, to be kind of happy ... no matter what I undertake, somehow I lack something, the drugs gave me a pretty fat piece of me "ripped". The people I've met, the look just but she does not seem to itch so, me however already, .. Now to my question, I have pretty hard to deal with depression, but would not take drugs because they are no longer as good strike on my body (because of previous abuse). Is it worth it to fight next? Everything I do seems to be always senseless, and I think if this goes on before I found a reasonable solution for ,, the wars with with ..


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Hello, such depression for "Former" not unusual. I advise you just to go with your problem to a good psychologist. You say yourself that you can not do this alone. He / she will help you to again have a lot more joy in life. Please'll get this help from the outside. I'll keep my fingers crossed!

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