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The standard assault rifle of the German Bundeswehr has grants yes exhibited significant shortcomings. The Bundeswehr wants to grants so now buy new assault rifles, but what are they? I guess HK416 or quite possibly XM8 .. What do you think?

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The XM 8 is even worse than the G36 ... that's introduced 416 and 417 also run only under the names g27 and g28 and are not guided by any soldier .... As Striker gun the G36 is easy to use, quick to clean and reliable se ... in about 7 years, I had a total of 4 or 5 correct faults .... of these disturbances was not of a weapon that has been used abroad ....

The Bundeswehr decides to acquire any new guns. There were only detected defects had where of many of the past not to do with the ammunition and the gun (is incidentally also on the website of the German Federal Armed Forces). The advantage of the G36 is that you easily can form on this weapon soldiers, it was clear from the outset that there are quite precise weapons in the market. The Bundeswehr can of course bring new weapons, but they are much more expensive such as the HK416, then would again namely all complain why the new guns are so expensive (so you can see when the last orders).

RPG-7 is to be introduced as a primary weapon ^^

Nu waiting but first starting up the report is ready and not make the same mistakes as our politicians.

The HK416 is indeed a good weapon mM but rather for special infantry units.

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