designate dog named differently?

Hello, if I want to buy me a dog (1-3 J) Have the yes mostly already names, but I do not like. If I simply anspreche him with desired name, he will find it at some point that he is new? Or it would be just a cruelty?

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I guess so. If they still are young and you talk to them immediately by another name is the determined. I would try it with a clicker.

LG Nana

PS: Let yourself be best advised first

Well, I think a name is associated with memories. A change of ownership is always a new beginning. Since even a new name should be. So ichs already handled frequently. The animals quickly get used to the new name.

, Is much more important, however, that their first time buys you a good dog book informs you what a dog need and a> dog school near tracks down that you give the first important <do things dog ownership.

Good luck with the new Wau


Of course you can rename it. That's just a matter of habit like sit, down and all other commands. If the dog is addressed by his new name, and the "old" name is no longer needed, he gets used to it as quickly.

He is aware of it but you should give it to a build scheme:

Say it. To only with the new name and the high, gentle voice He turns around and looks at you throw a treat in his direction.

This process you repeat often. The next stage is then he just looks at the ball (or similar) and you mention it, etc.

Hope I could help. Lg Arak1

I would not change it later, when the dog was marked to a certain acclamation name since puppyhood.

Yes noticing it after a while. I have bought a dog was 2 years old. He was also renamed by the previous owners. But he listened anyway very well to his new name

clearly you can, but must be trained, say names who dog reacts and looks at you a lot of praise and treats ... have also given another name and also immediately began with new commands my jetztigen emergency bitch ... a new life, new pack, new name, simply a dot under the old life, virtually at zero start ... because she may have had a bad experience with a number of commands or has not learned proper way, was a large uncertainty, so I can eg in "seated" also "McDonalds" or "sit" take ... the dog does not care what you say, the main thing is always the same and it is conditioned with praise and love it

I'm fine. You just have to say the new name in the response ahead every time. As with a puppy also. Our puppy has known his name after one day.

Our dog is from Spain and was Leoncio. When we picked him up there was the name Rowdy. Did he probably good. grow accustomed without problems.

but egg course you can do it. If you often practice with the dog, he will have it quickly strikes. If he does not stop immediately, allowed to you but still not in between revoke the old name, the confused unnecessarily. But just young animals learn quickly.


Of course it is possible to give a dog a new name. MeinebHündin had a name when I got it. The name did not like undbdeswegen I gave her another name to me.

However, the hearing must be practiced and trained on the new name.



If he listens to its current name, you should not change it.

But HELLO ???

If you do not even is a dog in prospect ...

... And you are thinking about already, to change the name of the dog ???

Something you should also discuss with your parents as well as ever purchasing a dog ...

14 Years Old and Holiday boredom sends greetings

clear as that. But take your time and the dog so

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