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I wish already long ziehmlich a zwergspitz and my parents have really nothing pretty mind if they do not just have to do all the work what I'll do so :-) But before buying I will inform myself first thoroughly about this race and was already must learn something but trotztdem ALL know :) can you tell me something? And will look, among other things as the tax ... THANK answer for helpful! <3

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These dogs are spoiled breedings. This should not support it.

Nevertheless, it is a dog, the outlet required. At least 2 hours of movement and employment needs of this dog every day, whatever the weather.

Grooming is also important and of course good education.

A dog is a Karnivor and requires therefore a high quality patee with at least 60% meat and no grains and no sugar.

Ebnefalls allowed to stay a maximum of 4-5 hours alone a dog. Everything else would be animal cruelty.

He lives 10-15 years, ie even after the initial joy you have to you have degraded every day to take care of this animal the next 15 years.

This means conversely that someone has to take care of the animal, if you are in school or doing an apprenticeship.

Also does a dog not only once but money each month about 150 Euro.

Can you afford all this?

Look at Google because you will surely find countless sites about the breed. Dog license costs not everywhere the same. Since you have to ask me in with you. but costs about 100 euros per year! In some states you already need now also a dog license !!! Remember that a dog up to 15 years old can be old ... He has several times walk the dog every day that the food costs money, it must be vaccinated and if he is ill and high costs to come to you. I know not how old you are but do you first think about whether you really "Bock" to have there. It's often the case that remains then hang the work and costs for the parents!

Please do not.

I do not think you have enough time for the dog will. Gehtst you still go to school or do an apprenticeship?

Who's going walkies with the dog when you're not there? If your parents work, how long the dog would be alone?

Think of this step well.


Toy Spitz are spoiled breeds !!!

But dogs total:

-Viel Spout (min. 2 hours daily)

-Höchstens Four hours to be alone (at the beginning less than a minute)


-Costs: € 300 purchase (the dog costs from the shelter about 300 € and the breeder about 1500 € in addition), monthly 50-100 €, vet can cost up to € 1000 during an operation.

Lining must be of high quality with a lot of meat (min. 70%)

Lg. And you are you with the dog for sure (if yes please another race), Lena

PS .: If you picked a different race you need it only for Google to enter!

The breed is one of the most difficult and I would you as a beginner when I would not give breeders also

How do you want a dog justice you are are in the school and a puppy you can not leave you alone as long.

Stehn your parents 100% behind the dog and one parent does not work, then speaks nothing against a dog.

the best part is, you gooogelst you really sleep through the program, because you can find everything, w hat you must know and - buy yourself a good book on the subject of dog - not only zwergspitz but DOG in general.

then I would ask you to go once in your thereat animal shelter and --denn you look times there are so many sweet and generous small dogs in animal shelter .. it you please aware the dwarf top qual zuchten are whose züchtugn not Solte support yet for very much money (around 1000 to 1500, - €), they are not old and have many diseases to which they provide often ill (googel)

a puppy, you need to know, you can not leave them alone for a whole year not - so if you go to school and your parents work full time, no puppy comes into question.

also adult dog can not be longer than 3-4 hours per day to be alone - IF he has learned well

you see, you have to know a lot, especially about the attitude and education of DOGS in general --da makes the race a subordinate role. not matter .

the page is quite informative

Toy breeds are suffering animals bred. Maybe you should nevertheless only times deal with it.

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