Desofemono 75. No period after a month

Hello, I am currently the pill Desofemono 75th for a month. Previously, I have taken the finic and before the Solera. Unfortunately I have still not my period and for a month. I so hoped to have finally found the right pill. I should take the pill three months to see if I tolerate. So everything is good but it bothers me that you never know when the period comes. Therefore, I am thinking it easy to switch back. And although I would like to take the solera again. The I prop. Good treaties. Only my period came just always two days early. But for me it was in the time before everything mess. Can I do so simply? Or should I rather desofenmono 75 nor take up the two months and Dan perceive the FA appointment? And then say that I want to have a micro pill again? Or is it normal that you get no period at the beginning? Lg Would be glad if someone would answer.

The best answer

Why you your artificial withdrawal bleed is so important? oO

In the mini-pill you take this anyway without pause. Since it is almost normal that there is no more bleeding - even desired by many women.

Only my period came just always two days early.

How do you mean? Even while taking the pill? A period you no longer get, as already written, with pill yes.

If you want your period, you should avoid hormone-free. There are enough alternatives.

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