Desperate because of the girl.

I understand the women's world not so and do not know quite how to handle something. I am now for the third time in the situation that a girl seems to care for me in no time. In the first, it was so that this sat down at our table in a pub. They later began on the dance floor to dance and to dance with guys. I went to her and eventually we danced for a long time and drank a lot. Have then made on the dancefloor rum: D. Wrote with her the other day. And also a longer period it. We then met again and it was actually quite funny but partly cramped. then wrote times but that they do not want any relationship you may like to meet again. I wondered then if she meant that only Amicable or Sexually. The second girl was so I wrote it at times and have a bit of flirting with her. Did she even fleetingly through my sister. You did not go to me and I read it then remain. Months ago about 1 1/2 I met them again as it is a friend of a friend of mine. I'm a pretty sociable guy and brought them characterized laugh. A week later we met again girlfriend. She drank a little too much and smoked later with my bong a Head. That was too much been and she vomited. I took care of them held her hair un way. Brought it home then at the girlfriend. The other day we wrote on Fb. Fa came from her. We also wrote often but I realized then quickly that there not too much of it comes. Have us some malgetroffe Did they then asked whether there possibly can develop what. She said that one but can be friends once. Silk which no longer in contact. The current girl is that I Currently head turned very pretty. And I'm sure that she knows that. This Friday I was with a colleague and they came again to visit. She sat down beside me and m later in the evening felt ch they searched my vicinity. She came to me often with her leg on mine and another. My colleagues who were there noticed the situation well ^^. I went to the evening up a notch with her and then we parted way home. Have now again are few times written with her Friday night. Eben she seemed no desire to write to have. Because on ne normal question only came ne. Let me of something very quickly pull down. My self-confident is not so very big in girls. I hope again to be disappointed again .... What would interest me but that can probably answer me only the women. Does it have to be a bad sign when a girl has never logged by itself. Have all until now always written by himself. I'm really a bit desperate and do not know how to go on before.

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Well, who understand the women on SMSs they respond at all, or hours later, they are in a sports club, they are often the same sex devoted so I would really like to give you some advice, but I do not understand women, unfortunately. Just stay tuned. More than a rebuff you can not get even.

In general, make yourself easy first. You're still young and there is certainly still a lot for you to - positive and negative. Google it out after "PUA", read 'you something, and then it's okay. Do not merely because of the stress Maedels :)

Super You write a lot of text to things that are here insignificant (over 2 old relationships ...). In contrast, many important aspects of the current relationship is missing. So here it gets hardly give appropriate advice.

Yes that's a bad sign. Your problem is you're too easy to have. Women also want to hunt.

Do not be surprised if they do not first anschreibt you, most women want to be contacted first. And why are you not confident? Maybe you shine the answer yes uncertainty is just not very attractive if someone is satisfied with itself has the right ne much more radiant I can as a woman say. If you what bothers about yourself then maybe you could change the yes to make you feel better oderso. And do not let yourself confuse right just because she has now written ne sowas is quickly annoying when someone makes thoughtful about everything

So it is so that we girls almost always wait until the young / man comes to us so it may well be that you have to write it again. :-) And it may be that they would be employed and therefore "only" ne answered yes Has. LG and vg Sammy

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