Despite maintenance participate in communion with

My friend pays regular and punctual in his Unterhalt.Jetzt calls his ex that he is money default participate in the communion of his daughter he has assigned to soll.Ist to, even though he pays his maintenance.

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cost Communion are mitdrin in Table Maintenance


At the cost of this event the father does not have to participate.

Only if he had this (cost circumference) with the child mother prearranged so, he may have to make a proportionate contribution.

committed he is not, and what's he going there actually pay for? the party, or what? I would in his place refuse the party to finance ............. he should rather fund what where the daughter directly has something of ... as he can buy her the dress .. but .......... so sweeping over push money where he does not know what that is used I would (personally) refuse ..........

Communion is IMHO a private matter - I would would pay anything for such unnecessary rites

no idea, but it would be good for his relationship to his daughter if he would it not do that.

Committed as it is legally not to. However, it is still about his daughter, and because the question of the need should not make really. A fairly good father is not sound so stupid.

morally yes - why should have no great communion his daughter!

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