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How can I recognize an acceleration lane? Some ramps to major roads / highways have indeed acceleration lane, some are not. How do I know if I already am on the road or even on the acceleration lane.

The acceleration lane are so thick, but before I go on the road, I need to know if I have to stop to let the cars pass or even accelerate must indeed?

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The acceleration lane you acknowledge several facts typically offering:

  • If you have to run over parallel to all other no dotted line of the highway entrance to the first lane, but as it were, still are in your lane, you're on the acceleration lane
  • you see also that the stop after a few hundred yards and then going to the emergency lanes, it is also the next item derives
  • the acceleration lane replaces the hard shoulder, so you're on the last lane right, right next to you is only the guardrail

Acceleration lane recognized by the fact that they run parallel to the road.

Is not there, there's ancestor eighth or stop signs. And before a bar across the carriageway.

when driving on a motorway, just this is driveway as for acceleration. you should ask the times on your driving instructor's questions when he driving lesson.

If there is no acceleration lane is a stop sign in front of the ramp to the highway. By this you realize that you have to stop. (Have I been but once seen)

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