Detection of acids and bases!

Huhu! I desperately need help! I need the detection of acids and bases for chemistry constitute a responsive equation. I now have the two acids acetic acid and hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide as the base and wanted to mix with universal indicator. but how does it or how is the reaction equation for this: (((

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Do you really mean the equation with the indicator? Universal indicator is there not, that is a mixture of very many indicators. Otherwise you'd have to know which components are precisely there. To German: forget it.

And what acid / base it is, playing for the qualitative detection not matter - and quantitatively certainly not if you do not know the concentration.

You're probably the 8th or 9th grade. There is not simply the equation for it. This you will learn only in Abi.

That with the equation yet canst thou know, but I think you mean this:

Acids set H + ions, the higher the concentration, the more acidic

Bases set OH- ions

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