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I have a 9-year-old Bobtail, with which I have problems with the skin and itching for a 3/4 year. It was last year going on, it itched and lost whole clump of hair. In June I can do a blood test, which was fine. Another blood test has yet been made in November, but again all right. Thyroid values ​​all great. She is spayed already 5 years. I feed since puppyhood dry food, only Pro Plan and then I Dinner for Dogs about 14 days fed, then it went with the itchiness los.Hab immediately the feed switched back and now feed Nutro Lamb with rice, I must it respect the no cereals in the diet is because it reacts also allergic. On Saturday we were at a dog exhibition, since then has given me a saleswoman recommended I should detoxify my dog. For the intestinal structure I should give her apple cider vinegar and psyllium, the Kidney Strength 3 x 5 granules Solidago D6 and liver strengthening Carduus D 6 and 3 x. 5 They said also that the dog at the beginning very strongly itches and also has either diarrhea or vomiting, this would the poison is excreted from the body. Does anyone have experience with it ?? with detoxification, would be nice if I could get your opinions on this. Have there with the apple cider vinegar as a little my concerns.

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In Feed Trade there specifically to the problems of your dog coordinated Futtermittel.Aber one you can definitely tun.Besorge you at the pharmacy Toxisan N vet. You make an 8 week course damit.Damit are kidney liver and so detoxified on. We have set ourselves also geholt.Da our dog anyway problems hat.Dazu came now that such a poisoner of TA equal newspaper him two fundamentally different Anthibiotika spritzte.Unserem dog went after more than schlecht.Toxisan has detoxified him and it goes ihh'm visibly besser.Allerdings we are old to 8 weeks.

Detoxify? If the dog has a food allergy, we have had 2 dogs with an allergy, none has been detoxified but only fed properly, stop with what he tolerates. ** I must also respect the strikes no grain in the diet is, **. That is in itself right away, if you know that he is allergic to. Lamb and rice, and potato Strauss something is tolerated generally


If you do not feed the umstellst always slow it has to do with the rapid changes.

I advise you to Barfen your dog ( ), change course slowly. Barfen is Rohfleischfütterung, but you have also an oil (eg salmon oil) and eggshell powder to add. Otherwise, there are also high-quality forage such as Markus mill.

Lg. Lena

In stores are special foods for dogs with allergies and intolerances available. Otherwise, even a special allergy test is possible in addition to the normal blood count. If my knowledge examined the blood after about. If there really is an allergy can be so at least after this test, a matching lining find. Change at my dog ​​often times food because they do not always eat the same, had been fortunately no problems

the aunt at the fair wanted to sell something! a detox-kur (as it scolds recently) is completely unnecessary! because with a entgifung be metabolically stimulating and diuretic herbal drugs (nettle, artichoke, milk thistle, etc.) and by basic possible nutrition (water, vegetables, quinoa, amaranth, etc.), metabolic slag from the body transported! people tuhen the to feel better because they smoke, eat too much sugar, high uric acid have values ​​in digestive complaints and so on ... not a bad thing but dogs have a completely different metabolism, a very different vitamin and mineral household. to put it briefly: schwachsinn at a complete allergy! what is an allergy? an infection! which is an inflammation? right ... an exaggerated reaction of the immune system! with the construction of the intestinal flora I give the aunt even right for a healthy intestinal flora means a healthy immune system! the lactate of bacterial strains in the gut ward off disease-causing bacteria and contribute to the overall health by! in apple vinegar are those lactic acid bacteria which the intestinal flora and thus the immune system of the dog can help!

a female customer of mine has the allergy their dog with the regular issue of manuka honey, turmeric and black cumin oil can wipe!

Manuka honey - strengthens the body's own immune defense - has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic (biol antibiotic.) - is a 100% natural raw material black caraway - is known by the desensitizing wikung at allergenic - 100% natural - applied internally and externally like manuka honey turmeric - also anti-inflammatory - protects casually against cancer and neurodegenerative diseases - 100% natural - protects cells and acts detoxisch

So build and marvel Immune system !!! and your dog is 20 years old .... nee .. but is already an enormous success one can erziehlen without synthetic crap from the pharmacy and without habituation effect!

did you ask or anyone else I advise you ;-))))


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