DHL parcel lands several times in Start parcel centers, why?

I've ordered something online in a shop around more than a week ago, and the package is, according to shipment status already landed in different starter pack centers, which are all further away from actually destination of the packet (Osnabrück). Already the DHL about phone informed but I see in broadcast history no improvement. What did you do with this problem for experience or what information could you give me more? Picture attached

The best answer

That you can probably only DHL answer (which they do not naturally, because people in the call center have no idea). Sometimes you wonder what the hold there. Is there a problem with your address or something?

Incidentally, I have made the experience that employees in DHL SupportChat are much nicer and more helpful. There I also quite a few times now get shipping coupons, because it took a very long time.

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