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Hello, my dog ​​has since last week diarrhea, which I'm then gegeangen after 3 days to the vet, this is first treated him to flu, but it did not get better, the diarrhea was very bad and with blood, then I am to another gone veterinarian who made a smear to see if perhaps Giardia are to blame, but had been negative. Worms can also exclude, as has been only worming. The vet said then that he probably has an inflammatory bowel disease and gave me antibiotic (TSO 20 mg) this antibiotic he gets since yesterday morning, and I feel that it's getting better, the droppings istzwar largely still mushy, but not more liquid and it is also no longer taking blood, now I wanted to ask you if you can assume that it really is an inflammatory bowel disease, since it is now better off because of the antibiotic, it would not be, it would not even better are you?

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Hello lonofo95,

only times super that it is the dog better!

But no: Strictly speaking, is an improvement after taking the drug not think it was the means that helped.

In the body, always a lot of factors at play and even at specific effective drugs can not safely conclude: It is better to me, so it must be the means that helped.

All one can conclude is, strictly speaking, that the agent has not so much harm that recovery was impossible.

That sounds dramatic, but it's just the reason why in medicine reliable information on the effectiveness of a drug only in studies are possible, in which there is a clean statistical comparison of all experiences.

In relation to certain complaints and means there are 4 cases / groups:

- The patient takes the agent and then he is better

- The patient takes the agent and after that it's not him better

- The patient does not take the funds and then he is better

- The patient does not take the means and after that it's not him better

When someone tells "me has helped the means", which meant only that this patient was in the first of the 4 groups. In order to assess whether an agent acts, but you have to also have other data available: You have to know how many patients have recovered, for example, without any agent administration. Are these significantly less than with the agent, then that is an indication that the differences came through the middle about. In addition, one must consider how often did not help the agent. perhaps Saddle Dete it even?

Only by comparing all 4 group numbers you see whether the funds actually helps. Such comparisons you make in clinical trials.

That's why you can from the improvement in this one case the dog does not say whether it was really the antibiotic that has helped.

But we know from studies that antibiotics significantly increases the chances of improvement with such complaints. That's why we call antibiotics "effective". It is therefore quite likely that it was the agent that helped and the fact that the diagnosis was correct. you can not be really sure due to the complexity of such issues.

Decisive in your case is that it will be better. I would therefore observe and carry on.


If your dog after taking antibiotics once feeling better, bacteria will probably have caused the diarrhea. But you should also give the dog once Diet, so that the intestinal regenerates again. That you reach best with cooked chicken with some rice.

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